The New Grim Origin of Mental Illness Stigma

 In an article entitled: “Airport shooter shows challenges of nation’s mental health system,” published this week of January 15, 2017 in the San Diego Union-Tribune,  authored by Paul Sisson & Jeanette Steele, the very difficult shortcomings of our mental health care system which is based in a system of laws that provides for basic human rights as much as we possibly can, is full of holes and flaws. This article eloquently shares with us the very perceptive thoughts of two local figures of the San Diego area, one from the field of psychiatry and one from law enforcement. They discuss the incredible impossibilities facing us now as we see self-radicalized severely mentally ill turn into mass shooters with perhaps slowly increasing frequency.


Author: Frank

I am a older child, adult, geriatric teaching psychiatrist with over 30 years' practice experience in North Carolina, first at Duke as clnical teaching faculty, then in Western NC as a primary child psychiatry specialist. I have taught and supervised child psychiatrists and psychiatrists in training and many other mental health professionals and taught at two medical schools. I have served in many public and private practice settings. My primary interest is in observing and documenting the ongoing mental health reform efforts in the State of North Carolina and documenting its sucessess and failures at all levels. My favorite pastime among many others is spoofing my friends and kids with my deadpan sense of humor.

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