Dementia Patients and Virginia’s Law of Unintended Consequences

This article is very much worth reading and I would recommend it to the reader that they follow the link and read this article which is extremely well written and full of very telling observations, and statistics. It details a compelling story and timeline that follows the challenges a caretaker faced in placing her partner – wife into a suitable facility that could handle medical, geriatric and dementia treatment needs. It is very humbling in reading this article to realize that the caretaker was a sophisticated supremely well-educated physician, and neurosurgeon, who ended up in the final analysis being defeated by the bureaucratic rabbit holes and dead ends in her supreme efforts to find adequate care for her partner.

Many state figures in advocacy organizations, Virginia governmental agencies, etc., were gracious enough to consent to be interviewed by the intrepid reporter for the Virginia Pilot newspaper. But I could not shake my impression that very few of them tried to exit their circumscribed bureaucratic governmental roles and go the extra mile in this situation. All of them offered credible systemic observations and reasons that did not help the Kafka-esque situation that the caretaker physician found herself in and ultimately defeated by.

On a closing note, I wish to apprise the reader that the state of Virginia actually has really only one designated geriatric psychiatric hospital in the state. This is the Piedmont Geriatric Hospital.

Piedmont Geriatric Hospital is a geriatric hospital located in Burkeville VA, south of Roanoke and Richmond. It has 123 beds and is located at the site of the previous Piedmont Sanatorium which actually was a TB sanatarium for African Americans. This facility was almost closed in 1999-2000 under then-Republican Governor George Allen (the former football coach), then again in 2002 under the administration of Governor Mark Warner but this was also averted, and then again in 2004 under a cost-cutting proposal of State Senator Frank Ruff which was also avoided. One can see that even this solitary resource for the geriatric state hospital patients of the entire state of Virginia almost was lost several times when cost-cutting in mental health was still being pursued as a rational move by Virginia before wise heads prevailed. If this facility had been closed, one can only imagine how dire the plights of the geropsychiatry patients in Virginia would now be.